Dr. Yang Ju – IACP Faculty Highlights

Dr. Yang Ju will be joining Nanjing University as a ‘Yuxiu Junior Scholar’ (presidential postdoc) in March 2022. He will be at the Department of City and Regional Planning. Prior to NJU, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, UC Berkeley, 2019-2021. He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley in 2019, a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture (Environmental Planning focus) at UC Berkeley in 2015, and a B.E. in Urban Planning at Nanjing University in 2013.


研究方向与社会贡献 (Research areas and social contributions)

Dr. Ju’s research interests include measuring the built environment, built environment and health, environmental and social justice. His current research focuses on urban green space, including its measurement, effects on health outcomes, and causes of its disparities. In the future, he is interested in exploring the effect of China’s urban renewal projects on people’s wellbeing. He has published his research in leading academic journals including Landscape and Urban Planning, Environmental Research Letters, Climatic Change, Cities, and International Journal of Remote Sensing. His prior work on coastal flood modeling is included in Cal-Adapt, a data platform for climate change adaptation in California. And his collaborative work and data visualization on the exposure of hazardous facilities to sea level rise and flooding in coastal California are featured in LA Times. He also presented his work to stakeholders including the U.S. Coastal Sector San Francisco and Port of Oakland.

居阳博士的研究兴趣包括了对建成环境的测度、建成环境对健康的影响、环境和社会公平。他目前的研究关注城市绿地,包括绿地的测量、健康效应、和绿地分布不公平的成因。未来,他计划研究中国城市更新项目对居民福祉的影响。他的研究发表在Landscape and Urban Planning, Environmental Research Letters, Climatic Change, Cities, International Journal of Remote Sensing 等主流学术期刊上。他过去关于海岸带海平面上升和洪水风险的模型结果被收录在加州气候变化数据平台——Cal-Adapt上。此外,洛杉矶时报报道了他与合作者关于加州污染设施的洪水暴露风险的研究和结果可视化。他也在不同场合向各类利益相关人,包括美国海警旧金山分部和奥克兰港口等,介绍过自己的研究成果


Dr. Ju is a member of IACP and has been actively engaged in IACP’s activities.


Email: yangju90@berkeley.edu