Prof. Lu Liao

廖露Lu Liao

中国人民大学公共管理学院城市规划与管理系 讲师

Dr. Liao joined Renmin University of China in December 2021. She is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Urban Planning and Management. She received her Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning at Cornell University in 2021, a Master in Public Administration and a Bachelor in Law at Tsinghua University.


研究方向与社会贡献Research Areas and Social Contributions

Dr. Liao’s research sits at the intersection of environmental planning and urban governance, with a broad focus on sustainability, climate change and social equity. Her current research agenda examines local governments’ decision-making and implementation of the sustainability plans and policies, in both China and the U.S. Her work has been published in journals including Journal of the American Planning Association, Local Environment, Rural Sociology, Land Use Policy, and Resource, Conservation and Recycling. She and her collaborators’ professional report has been documented by the International City and County Management Association (ICMA)’s 2016 Local Government Review and was sent to thousands of U.S. local governments for reference.

廖露的研究关注城市可持续发展,气候变化和社会公平问题,聚焦于环境规划和城市治理的交叉领域。目前的研究兴趣为中国和美国地方政府环境与可持续发展规划政策的制定与实施问题。相关研究成果发表在《Journal of the American Planning Association》、《Local Environment》、《Rural Sociology》、《Land Use Policy》和《Resource, Conservation and Recycling》等权威期刊上。她与合作者关于美国地方政府可持续发展的政策报告被美国城市管理协会(ICMA)的2016年《地方政府评论》收录,作为美国地方政府可持续发展政策的参考依据。



Dr. Liao is a member of IACP and has been actively engaged in IACP’s activities.