Prof. Fei Chen

Dr Fei Chen (陈飞)


Reader, School of Architecture, University of Liverpool


Dr Chen is a Reader in Architecture and Urban Design in the Liverpool School of Architecture. She joined the University of Liverpool in 2010 as a lecturer and has been working in the School since. Dr Chen received her PhD degree in 2009 from the University of Strathclyde with a full scholarship from the University. She also has a MA in Architectural Design from the University of Bath (2005) and B.Arch from Southeast University in China (2004).


Research direction and social contribution

陈博士主要从事城市形态学,公共空间设计质量和公平性,以及设计规划管理方面的研究。她和她的团队也关注遗产保护和城市更新过程中的设计与规划问题。研究的对象包含中国,英国,马来西亚,土耳其和沙特阿拉伯等多个国家的城市。她的研究成果发表在包括《Urban Design International, International Planning Studies, Environment and Planning B, Habitat International, Progress in Planning, Journal of Urban Design, Urban Morphology》等城市规划领域的国际知名期刊中。她的专著《中国城市设计:形态类型学的方法》是研究中国城市形态的推荐书目。

Dr Chen’s research expertise lies in urban morphology, public spaces, and design governance. She and her team have also been looking into heritage conservation and urban regeneration through design and planning. Research contexts range from China, the UK, Malaysia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia etc. Her research was published in many international peer reviewed journals such as Urban Design International, International Planning Studies, Environment and Planning B, Habitat International, Progress in Planning, Journal of Urban Design, Urban Morphology and so forth. Her book titled Chinese Urban Design: the Typomorphological Approach published by Routledge in 2013 was a highly recommended text for morphologists doing research on Chinese cities.


Dr Chen has been supervising PhDs and seeing over 10 PhDs students through to completion. She has been invited as a PhD external examiner for 12 PhDs so far from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Her research expertise in Chinese cities and design governance attracted a lot of media attention internationally.


She is the Director of the Urban Form and Social Space research group in Liverpool School of Architecture. She was the Deputy Head of the School and currently the EDI lead in the School of Arts (of which Architecture is one of the five departments). Since 2018, she is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Urban Management (Elsevier). She is a regular member of the Scientific Committee of the annual conference of International Seminar on Urban Form. She is also the founder and convenor of the Urban Morphology and Representation network under the umbrella of International Association of People-Environment Studies. She is recently appointed as a member of the Peer-review College of the Arts and Humanities Research Council in the UK (2022-2025).


Relationship with IACP


Dr Chen is the Interim Director of the European Chapter of the International Association of China Planning. She contributes to the establishment and development of this Chapter.