IACP Membership Application Form

Instructions before filling this form

Welcome to IACP membership application form. Please read the following instruction carefully.

  • 1. Please be informed that in addition to filling and submitting this online form, you are advised to email a filled PDF form to memberships@china-planning.org to further assure your application be received by IACP treasurer. Application Form can be download here (PDF file).
  • 2. You need to first fill these forms with your basic information, then click the button "next" to proceed to payment. Note that the fields with * means mandatory fields.
  • 3. When you do the payment, do remember to save the screen of payment result as an image and upload it to the system to serve as a proof of fee payment (a scanned copy of "汇款单", check, or Paypal receipt are also ok). Here is a guide on how to take a screenshot. The Paypal receipt sent by Paypal can be found in your email box.
  • 4. You may want to check your membership status in the near future.
  • 5. You are welcome to contact us at memberships@china-planning.org regarding issues on membership application as well as corporate membership.

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Urban (City, Community) Planning
Urban Design
Environmental Planning
Landscape Architecture
Land Development
Urban/Regional Economics
Urban Theory
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