IACP Membership Status Form

Instructions before filling this form

Welcome to IACP membership status form. To make your conference registration experience as easy as possible, now is a good time to check your membership status and make sure that your dues are current. You can go back to member application page when you finish the query.
Please read the following instruction carefully.

  • 1. This utility is intended only for the convenience of IACP members to check their own membership status. Any misuse action is not allowed.
  • 2. You need to first fill these forms with your basic information, then click the button "Query" to inquiry your membership status. Note that the fields with * means mandatory fields you must fill. This inquiry system ONLY supports English, so please use the official English name for your affiliation.
  • 3. You are welcome to contact us at iacp.webmaster@gmail.com regarding issues on membership application.

Basic Information