2015 IACP Board Election Results

Dear IACP Members:

On behalf of the IACP Board and its Election Committee, I am pleased to announce the 2015 Board election results. We had an election with a very high participation rate. About 1/3 IACP members casted their votes in the past weeks. Some candidates received very closed number of ballots. The newly elected board members are listed as follows,

Professional Board Members

· Mengke Chen, World Bank

· Shenjing He, University of Hong Kong

· Yan Song, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

· Rui Wang, University of California, Los Angeles

· Yiming Wang, University College London

· Yang Zhang, Virginia Tech

Student Board Members

· Chenghe Guan, Harvard University

· Jianzheng Liu, University of Hong Kong

I highly appreciate all the candidates for your interests in serving our association and all our members who have casted your ballots.

With the rotating-out of Shannon Bassett, Jiangping Zhou, Mi Diao, and myself, the new 2015-2017 IACP board will consist of the following eleven members (nine regular members and two student members):

· Xinyu (Jason) Chao (Chair, existing regular member)

· Weifeng Li (existing regular member)

· Yu Xiao (existing regular member)

· Mengke Chen (new regular member)

· Shenjing He (new regular member)

· Yan Song (new regular member)

· Rui Wang (new regular member)

· Yiming Wang (new regular member)

· Yang Zhang (new regular member)

· Chenghe Guan (Re-elected student member)

· Jianzheng Liu (new student member)

The new board will hold its first meeting to determine its remaining board officers and other businesses soon. The new board members will also be introduced at our annual meeting during the upcoming ACSP conference at Houston, Texas.

As the 2013-2015 Board Chair, I also like to thank my fellow board members and all IACP members for your significant contribution and unreserved support to our association in the past two years. I would like to call your continuous support to the new board and the board chair, Prof. Xinyu Cao. I believe the new board will lead our association for a more successful future.


Qisheng Pan, Ph.D.

2013-2015 IACP Board Chair