Special issues

2023 IACP Annual Conference sponsored:

Sustainable Transport in the Climate-Change Era, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, by Xinyu Cao

Past call for papers:

Inequalities of urban infrastructure in the context of healthy and resilient cities, Urban Forestry & Urban Greening,  by Wendy Chen and Wenjie Wu

Shared Mobility and Sustainable Transportation, Sustainability, by Junfeng Jiao, Amin Azimian, Haizhong Wang

Novel Analytical Approaches to Impact Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure, Transportation Research Part A, by Zhenhua Chen and Changmin Jiang

Evaluating the Socioeconomic Impact of Infrastructure Investment in an Uncertain World, Sustainability, by Zhenhua Chen, Hongchang Li, Roger W. Vickerman

COVID-19 Pandemic And Urban Policy, Cities, by Helin Liu, Zhigang Li, Lingqian Hu

Green Infrastructure and Urban Wellbeing: Towards a New Typology, Urban Forestry & Urban Greening,  by Wendy Chen, Wenjie Wu, Zhonghua Gou, and Ye Liu

Planning for accessibility, Transportation Research Part D,  by Lingqian Hu, Jason Cao, Jiawen Yang

Lessons Learned from post‑2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Community Recovery, Natural Hazards, by Robert Olshansky, Yu Xiao, Daniel Abramson

High-Speed Rail and the Environment, Transportation Research Part D,  by Zhenhua Chen, Anthony Perl, and Xingju Wang

Transforming ‘space’ to ‘place’ in high density urban areas: what roles can spatial planning play?, Socio-Ecological Practice Research, by Forster Ndubisi and Haotian Zhong

Transport Analytics for Smart Mobilities, Travel Behaviour and Society,  by ChengHe Guan and Lingqian Hu

Housing Policy in China, Housing Policy Debate, by Zhilin Liu and Lan Deng

Urban Planning Research and Practice in ChinaJournal of Planning Literature, by Lingqian Hu

Planning for Quality of LifeTravel Behavior and Society, by Jason Cao and Junyi Zhang

Rapid Transit and Land Development in a Diverse WorldTransport Policy, by Jason Cao and Qisheng Pan

Land Use and Transportation in ChinaTransportation Research Part D, by Cao, Xinyu (Jason)

High speed rail, Transportation Letters, by Jason Cao and Pengyu Zhu

Urbanization, transportation, and air quality in developing countries, Transportation Research Part D, by Weifeng Li and Jane Lin

Rural migrants in transitional urban China, Journal of Urban Affairs, by Shenjing He, Junxi Qian, and Jun Wang

ICT, activity space-time and mobility, Transportation, by Feng Zhen and Eran Ben-Elia

Rail transit development in China and beyond, Journal of Transport and Land Use, by Mi Diao, Xueliang Zhang, and Yingling Fan

Planning history in China, Journal of Planning History, by Zhengdong Luo, Andrew Whittemore, and Yan Song