Prof. Peng Chen – IACP Faculty Highlights

陈鹏( Prof. Peng Chen)

南佛罗里达大学公共管理学院助理教授, 城市交通研究中心兼职教员

Peng Chen is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs at the University of South Florida (USF) since August 2019. He is also an affiliated faculty member in the Center for Urban Transportation Research at USF. Before joining USF, he worked in the Department of Transportation Engineering at Tongji University and participated in establishing the Institute of Urban Mobility. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program of Urban Design and Planning (2016), his master’s degree in Civil Engineering (2015), and his graduate certificate in Statistics (2014) from the University of Washington (UW). Before studying at UW, he obtained his master’s degree in Human Geography (2010) and his bachelor’s degree in Architecture (2007) from Peking University and Wuhan University.

陈鹏于2019年8月加入南佛罗里达大学公共管理学院助理教授, 城市交通研究中心兼职教员。此前任职于同济大学交通工程系,参与筹建城市交通交叉学科。他获得美国华盛顿大学城市规划与设计交叉学科博士学位(2016),并曾获得土木工程(交通)硕士学位(2015)及统计分析研究生资格证书(2014)。他曾就读于北京大学和武汉大学,分别获得地理学(城市与区域规划)硕士学位(2010)和建筑学学士学位(2007)。

研究方向与社会贡献  (Research direction and social contribution)

He has interdisciplinary backgrounds in urban planning, transportation engineering, human geography, and statistics. His current research interests are focusing on shared mobility, personalized incentives for travel behavior change, and the relationship between travel behavior and health. His research relies heavily on quantitative analysis. Dr. Chen has published more than 25 articles in top transportation planning and road safety journals, such as Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Transport Policy, Journal of Transport Geography, Journal of Transport and Health, Urban Studies, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Safety Science, and Journal of Safety Research. He is now serving as an editorial board member for Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. His current projects are funded by the Center for Congestion Reduction (NICR) and the Center for Transportation, Environment, and Community Health (CTECH), both of which are funded by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).

陈鹏拥有交叉学科的专业背景,跨越城市规划、交通工程、人文地理和统计分析。他的主要研究领域包括共享交通、个性定制与出行变化、出行与公共健康等,主要采用定量分析技术。已在交通规划和道路安全等领域的国际知名期刊发表25篇论文,包括:《Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice》,《Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment》,《Transport Policy》,《Journal of Transport Geography》,《Journal of Transport and Health》,《Urban Studies》,《Accident Analysis and Prevention》,《Safety Science》,《Journal of Safety Research》等。他目前是《Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment》的编委成员。他的研究目前受到美国交通部下属拥堵减缓及交通环境和社区健康两个中心资助。


陈鹏自2012年起成为IACP会员,一直积极参与IACP组织的相关学术活动。他曾三次被授予IACP的博士研究生学术差旅奖学金,并与合作者被授予过一次学生最佳论文。 Peng Chen has been an IACP member since 2012, and actively participated in related activities. He was awarded IACP student travel grants for three times, and the best student paper one time with his coauthors.