Prof. Peiling Zhou

周佩玲(Dr. Peiling Zhou)


Associate Professor,Department of Urban Planning, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)


Dr. Peiling Zhou is an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban Planning at Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen). She joined Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) in 2018. Dr. Zhou received a Ph.D. in geography (healthy city) from Michigan State University, an M.Sc. with distinction in human geography from the University of Edinburgh, and a B.Sc. in geography and a B.L. in sociology from Peking University.

研究方向与社会贡献(Research direction and social contribution)

周佩玲从事健康城市研究,讨论城市环境、社会转型与人类健康之间的关系,探索可持续健康城市的未来发展的空间策略,促进中国及世界城市高效、健康和可持续发展。研究成果发表在《Social Science & Medicine》、《Health & Place》、《Urban Studies》、《Urban Geography》、《Journal of Transport & Health》等城市研究与公共卫生领域的国内外知名期刊。她目前担任《Health & Place》、《Wellbeing, Space & Society》联合青年编委和《International Journal of Public Health》编委会成员。

Dr. Zhou’s research focuses on healthy cities. Her current research agenda is the relationship between urban environment, social transition and human health, aiming at providing spatial strategies to promote efficient, healthy and sustainable urban development for both China and the world. Her research has been published in leading journals in both urban studies and public health, including Social Science & Medicine, Health & Place, Urban Studies, Urban Geography, and Journal of Transport & Health. She is now serving as a joint early career editorial board member of Health & Place, Wellbeing and Space and Society, and an editorial board member International Journal of Public Health.

与IACP的关系 (Relationship with IACP)


Dr. Zhou is a member of IACP and has been actively engaged in IACP’s activities.