NYU Shanghai in partnership with University of Oxford – Postdoctoral Program in Urban Studies

NYU Shanghai in partnership with University of Oxford

Postdoctoral Program in Urban Studies


Shanghai Key Laboratory of Urban Design and Urban Science (LOUD), NYU Shanghai is offering postdoctoral positions in urban planning & design, urban ecology, urban geography, and urban data science, sponsored by the postdoc program of LOUD at NYU Shanghai in partnership with the PEAK Urban Programme at University of Oxford.


1. Job description

  • Conduct research in the field of computational urban science in planning (CUSP).
  • Publish high-quality SCIE and SSCI indexed academic papers in the field of urban planning, computational urban science, urban big data, urban ecology, and urban geography, participate in the writing of annual reports on relevant topics, and attend academic conferences.
  • Participate in the collection, storage, and analysis of digital city-related data, and the construction, maintenance, and operation of urban digital center
  • Complete other related research work arranged by the laboratory.


2. Compensation and Develop Opportunity

  • Benefits of the postdoctoral standard of NYU Shanghai.
  • Salary package: 300,000 CNY- 400,000 CNY.
  • Housing subsidy will be provided based on school policy.
  • Start-up research funding (50,000 CNY) will be provided.
  • Annual allowance of academic conference during the post-doc period.
  • Apply for major urban research projects and talent programs.
  • Participate in cooperation with leading research institutions, leading enterprises, and non-profit organizations.


3. Qualification

  • The candidate should have a Ph.D. degree in the field of urban planning, urban design, public administration, computer science, data science, urban ecology, urban geography, geographic information science, or other related fields in urban studies
  • Publication record in computational urban science in planning is preferred.
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills and team management skills.
  • Meet the basic requirements for postdoctoral recruitment at NYU Shanghai.


4. Required Skills

  • Proficiency in Python, ArcGIS, STATA, or similar functional software, with certain programming skills.
  • Preferred but not required: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Topic Modeling, Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), Social media data sentiment analysis, etc.
  • Background in big data analysis, COVID-19 outbreak policy, and built environment machine learning analysis.


5. Employment Duration

  • Starting date: Summer 2023 or Fall 2023 on a rolling basis
  • Contract length: 2-3 years. The first stage will be stationed at NYU Shanghai. The second stage will be stationed at University of Oxford or participate remotely from NYU Shanghai at the discretion of the candidate and advisors.


About the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Urban Design and Urban Science

LOUD focuses on the cutting-edge research of computational urban science in planning (CUSP). The two specialized areas are urban design and urban science. We combine teaching and research by emphasizing practical aspects of urbanization, such as architecture, urban design, and urban development. We examine urban transformation in digital smart cities, emphasizing multidisciplinary aspects of urban planning, urban data science, urban ecology, and urban geography. More specifically, the three research areas are (1) Planning for sustainable post-pandemic cities in the framework of digital urban transformation; (2) Planning for the growth of climate responsive low-carbon cities in the context of GHG mitigation; (3) Planning for environmentally sensitive urban green infrastructure using social sensing techniques.

concentrates on the successful practices of urban development in China. Building on both domestic and international experiences, we carry our research and practice in and beyond the Yangtze River Delta region, adapting scenarios in applied research and consultation, committed to carrying out high-quality practical exploration, forming innovative typical cases, and providing valuable policy suggestions.

As the first key laboratory of NYU Shanghai, we have gained full support from the school in the academic activity and beyond. We have a multidisciplinary team of scholars and students in the field of urban planning and design, urban ecology, urban geography, and data science. The key laboratory platform is passionate to bridge for overseas and Chinese scholars to exchange their thoughts and strengthen cooperation. The key laboratory established domestic collaboration with Tongji University, East China Normal University, Southeast University and Peking University in China, NYU Wagner, University of Chicago, Harvard University, and University of Oxford by selecting high-quality candidates of Masters and Ph.D. For more information, please refer to LOUD’s website:




To apply, please email the following to shanghai.loud@nyu.edu with the title of “The application for NYU Shanghai-Oxford postdoc + last name_first name”:

  • A cover letter giving a brief description of previous research experience, motivation for why you are applying for this position
  • Research proposal.
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • A full list of publications and writing samples.
  • Proof of completed PhD degree (for PhD candidate send proof of All-But-Dissertation status).
  • TWO reference letters (or the contact information of two individuals familiar with your academic work), which can be submitted if entering the second round.