Shenhao Wang

王申皓 (Dr. Shenhao Wang)


Assistant professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida


王申皓博士是佛罗里达大学城市与区域规划系助理教授,也是佛罗里达大学的城市人工智能实验室(Urban AI Lab)主任。 他于2020年毕业于麻省理工学院,获得计算机与城市科学博士学位。他于2017年在麻省理工学院获得城市规划与交通工程双硕士学位,于2014年获得北京大学经济学学士学位,并且于2011年获得清华大学的建筑学与法学学位。

Dr. Shenhao Wang is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Urban AI Laboratory at the University of Florida. Dr. Wang completed his interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Computer and Urban Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2020. He received B.A. in Economics from Peking University (2014) and B.A. in Architecture and Law from Tsinghua University (2011), Master of Science in Transportation, and Master of City Planning from MIT (2017).

研究方向与社会贡献 (Research direction and social contribution)

王博士的研究致力于利用最新的人工智能方法来分析研究和重新建构与城市相关的基本理论,并以此创新技术来解决社会城市相关的痛点问题。他的研究包括出行行为建模,通过整合统计建模中的离散选择模型理论和人工智能的深度学习来研究个人出行决策,例如出行方式、路线和城市活动的选择。他还利用机器学习以及复杂网络模型来研究城市网络的风险和不确定性,从而提高交通系统的韧性和长期经济增长。除了推进技术创新,王博士还关注城市人工智能算法中的公平性与可解释性,以实现广泛的社会影响。他的文章被广泛发表于Transportation Research Part A, Part B, Part C, Journal of Choice Modeling,Proceedings of ACM Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining等高影响因子的同行评审期刊

Dr. Wang is dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence methods to reconstruct fundamental urban theories and resolve pressing urban challenges. His work includes travel demand modeling, particularly integrating the theoretical foundation of discrete choice models and computational power of deep learning to examine individual travel decisions, such as the choices of travel modes, routes, and urban activities. He also analyzes risk and uncertainty of the urban networks by synergizing the classical network theory and graph neural networks, thus promoting resilience in the transportation system and economic growth. Besides technology advancement, he also focuses on the normative aspect of urban science by enhancing transparency, accountability, and fairness of the urban machine intelligence to achieve broad social impacts. His work has been published across Transportation Research Part A, Part B, Part C, Journal of Choice Modeling, Proceedings of ACM Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, among many other high impact peer-reviewed journals.

与IACP的关系(Relationship with IACP)


Dr. Wang has been a longtime IACP member.

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