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Thank you for your interest in becoming an IACP member. We have more than 2000 individual members and dozens of corporate members (check our corporate member list). By becoming an IACP member, you are entering an international network of researchers, planners, and policymakers on planning in China. In IACP, you can

  1. Meet awesome and brilliant people;
  2. Broaden your horizons;
  3. Keep up with the latest global planning news;
  4. Access career support and enrich your resume;
  5. Help shape the future of planning in China;
  6. Enjoy discounts for attending IACP conferences and events;
  7. Eligible for various IACP awards;
  8. Nominate, vote, and be voted in IACP elections.

If you are or were an IACP member but have changed institution/affiliation, please submit a new membership application. You can check your current membership status to figure out which affiliation/institution you are associated within our database.

Please note that all membership fees paid after February 28th of a given year (e.g., 2023) will be applied to your membership of the following year (e.g., 2024).  However, you can request us to add your email address to our mailing list at the time of submitting a membership application (if you are a new member).

Once you submit your membership application or renewal, your membership status is NOT updated immediately.  Membership status is updated by the end of March, June, September, and December every year.

Instruction for new membership application

Simply fill out this IACP Membership Application Form.

The application is successful if you received the following message:

Your application was submitted successfully! IACP membership officer will check in a few days. Thanks for using IACP Membership Application Form….

If you did not see the above message, your application form was NOT recorded. Please try to submit your application again WITHOUT uploading the Paypal payment screenshot.

If you still encounter problems, please complete your application by filling out this application form (PDF file) instead and emailing it to

Instructions for membership renewal

You can check your current membership status to learn the expiration date of your membership.

Membership dues

Student members: $15 per year, $20 every 2 years, $25 every 3 years.
Regular members: $30 per year, $120 every 5 years, $200 every 10 years.
Effective after Feb 1, 2017.

Payment Methods

There are two ways for you to pay your dues. After your payment, fill out this IACP Membership Application Form.

1. Pay via Paypal (Click the “Membership Due” button below)

If you pay with non-US dollars, use the market exchange rate for conversion.

Paypal automatically generates a receipt for your membership fee payment. If you need an IACP receipt for reimbursement, please email

2. If you cannot pay through PayPal, please contact Prof. Wenjie Wu ( for a WeChat transaction.

IACP Member Email List Subscription

The IACP Board of Directors has approved that the IACP mail list is open to all individuals interested in learning about IACP.
You can subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email (from the email account you want to receive future list messages) to Prof. Jige Quan at, with the following message in the email subject (substituting your own first and last name in place of ‘Jane Cook’): SUBSCRIBE iacp-members-l Jane Cook.