IACP Meeting at 2019 ACSP Conference in Greenville, South Carolina

The International Association for China Planning (IACP) successfully hosted two events at the annual conference of the Association of Collegiate School of Planning (ACSP) in Greenville, SC.

On October 25, 2019, the IACP hosted the annual business meeting and a reception. More than 100 conference participants attended. During the event, Prof. Yan Song (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Chair of the IACP 2017-2019, summarized key activities in 2019 and gave the financial report. Prof. Qing Shen (University of Washington), a former chair of the IACP, announced the fundraising efforts for the Karen Polanski student awards.

Prof. Lingqian Hu (The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), chair of the IACP 2019-2021, introduced the new board, the organization structure, and planned activities in 2020. Highlighted activities include the annual conference, hosted by Shenzhen University on June 20-21, 2020, and the first IACP writing workshop for junior scholars, hosted by Tsinghua University on June 16-18, 2020.

On October 26, 2019, the IACP and the Asian Planning Schools Association (APSA) co-hosted a roundtable focusing on Mega-region Development in Asia. Participants include Prof. Jian Liu (Tsinghua University), APSA president 2017-2019, Prof. Weiping Wu (Columbia University), ACSP president 2017-2019, Prof. Ming Zhang (The University of Texas at Austin), Prof. Jiangping Zhou (The University of Hong Kong), Prof. Jige Quan (Seoul National University), and Prof. Xiaochun Yang (Shenzhen University). Lingqian Hu chaired the roundtable session.