IACP Business Meeting and Reception Successfully held at ACSP in Chicago

The annual business meeting and reception at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning’s (ACSP) annual conference in Chicago on October 19th, 2023 were a resounding success. We thank all members and friends who joined the meeting!

The International Association for China Planning (IACP) successfully hosted the business meeting and reception on October 19th, at ACSP annual meeting in Chicago. More than a hundred members and friends of the IACP attended the meeting.

Dr. Hongwei Dong (California State University, Fresno), outgoing chair of the IACP Board of Directors summarized the key activities organized by the Board of Directors (BOD) 2021-2023. These activities include the 16th and 17th Annual Conferences, IACP Symposium, writing workshop series for junior scholars, IACP strategic plan meeting, and IACP job search and career development workshop series. In the previous two years, IACP has published monthly and annual newsletters, operated a WeChat public account, and featured members in faculty highlights. In addition, IACP has sponsored the symposia and exhibition co-organized with the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Wharton China Center. Additionally, the European Chapter is now fully established, with the bylaw drafted and approved by the BOD. Dr. Fei Chen (University of Liverpool) has served as the director. Dr. Dong then presented the financial report prepared by outgoing treasurer Dr. Junfeng Jiao (University of Texas, Austin). Dr. Zhilin Liu (Tsinghua University), chair-elect, introduced the new IACP BOD (2023-2025), advertised future activities, and invited scholars to join the IACP as members.