Boqian Xu

徐搏谦 ( Dr. Boqian Xu )


Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Texas A&M University





徐搏谦博士是德州农工大学建筑学院风景园林与城市规划系助理教授。曾分别获宾夕法尼亚大学城市区域规划博士学位、风景园林硕士学位,以及北京林业大学园林学士学位。徐博士也是美国注册风景园林设计师,曾就职于James Corner Field Operations纽约办公室,参与多项国内外建设项目。

Boqian Xu is an Assistant Professor from the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Texas A&M University. Boqian holds a PhD in City and Regional Planning, a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Landscape Gardening from Beijing Forestry University. Boqian is also a licensed Professional Landscape Architect. He practiced at James Corner Field Operations (New York) and worked on many projects in both China and the United States.

研究方向与社会贡献 (Research direction and social contribution)

徐博士的研究方向为生态城市、生态足迹、及地理设计。致力于推动生态足迹在建筑规划领域的应用——通过空间设计影响个人行为活动、降低城市生态足迹、促进全球可持续发展。主要途径是从 “社区”角度探索生态足迹,拓宽生态足迹的研究尺度,将当前的“国家-城市-个人”完善至 “国家-城市-社区-个人” 的新框架。目前正基于开源数据平台(Python, Google Earth Engine, OpenStreetMap等),构建并分析全球范围内的社区尺度生态足迹、碳足迹数据。

Dr. Xu’s research focuses on Ecocities, Ecological Footprint, and Geo-design. He is committed to Ecological Footprint’s application in the planning realm – DESIGN the built environment to shape individual behaviors, reduce urban ecological footprints, and foster planetary sustainability. His research agenda centers on the Ecological Footprints of “neighborhoods,” a scale gap within existing ecological footprint studies. The goal is to transition Ecological Footprint’s research scale from “nation-city-individual” to “nation-city-neighborhood-individual”. Dr. Xu is currently constructing and analyzing global ecological/carbon footprint datasets at the neighborhood scale, with Python and open-source data platforms such as Google Earth Engine and OpenStreetMap.

与IACP的关系(Relationship with IACP)


Dr. Xu is a longtime IACP member and actively engaged in IACP conferences.

联系方式(Contact information)


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