Jiangping Zhou

周江评(Dr. Jiangping Zhou)


Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong








Dr. Zhou Jiangping is a professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong. In addition to serving as the Deputy Head of the department and the Director of the Master’s Program in Urban Planning, he also serves as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of Hong Kong, organizing and promoting large-scale interdisciplinary transportation projects, collaborations, and exchanges. Through volunteer actions or with the support of external organizations, he has also served or is currently serving as a part-time consultant for teachers and students in urban planning, urban transportation, or related disciplines at universities such as Guangxi University, Columbia University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Southwestern/Shanghai Universities of Finance and Economics, and Tongji University.

研究方向与社会贡献(Research direction and social contribution)

他的研究关注交通、土地利用和社会的交融。他的研究手段综合了可视化、定量分析和案例研究。他的学术视野涵盖了经济学、社会学、地理学和城乡规划学等。到2023年底为止,他已经在PNAS, JAPA, Urban Studies, Urban Geography, Transportation Research A,《城市规划》、《城市规划学刊》、《地理学报》、《地理研究》等中、英文综合或专业顶刊发表论文150余篇。自从2022年,他一直位列科瑞唯安全球前1%高被引作者。自2021年起,由斯坦福大学团队计算的考虑工作年限、合作、独作和历年效率的他引统计,他亦位列全球前2%。在同一统计当中,他也长期位列全球物流与交通(主研究领域)、城乡规划(次研究领域)的作者前1%。


His research focuses on the nexus of transportation, land use, and society. His research methods integrate visualization, quantitative analysis, and case studies. His academic scope covers economics, sociology, geography, and urban and rural planning. As of the end of 2023, he has published over 150 papers in top multidisciplinary or specialist journals, including PNAS, JAPA, Urban Studies, Urban Geography, Transportation Research A, City Planning Review, Urban Planning Forum, Acta Geographica Sinica, and Geographical Research, in both Chinese and English. Since 2022, he has consistently ranked among the top 1% highly cited authors globally according to Clarivate Analytics. Since 2021, he has also ranked among the top 2% globally in citation statistics calculated by a team from Stanford University, taking into account factors such as years of work, collaboration, sole authorship, and historical efficiency. In the same statistics, he has long been ranked among the top 1% of authors in the fields of logistics and transportation (primary research area) and urban and rural planning (secondary research area).

His research and teaching activities have been supported by various research foundations, non-profit organizations, and government departments in China, the United States, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong SAR, China. Since 2021, he has been a senior overseas expert at Tongji University, where he teaches interdisciplinary courses on “Urban Transportation” for master’s students. In 2023, he was a senior visiting scholar at Tsinghua University, where he conducted collaborative research and teaching with faculty and students.

与IACP的关系(Relationship with IACP)

自学生时代起,周教授就是 IACP 长期的活跃成员,作为志愿者或IACP理事参与、组织多次 IACP 年会,并于2015年获得过IACP优秀贡献奖。他也通过IACP积极指导和帮助学术后浪。他(联合)指导的学生,曾经两次获得过IACP论文奖励。

Since his student days, Dr. Zhou has been an active member of the International Association of China Planning (IACP), participating and organizing multiple IACP annual meetings as a volunteer or member of the IACP Board of Directors. In 2015, he was awarded the IACP Excellent Services Award. He has also actively guided and helped the younger generation of scholars through the IACP. Students under his (joint) supervision have won the IACP Paper Award twice.


Email: zhoujp@hku.hk

大学主页 University Website: https://www.arch.hku.hk/staff/upad/zhou-jiangping/