Sui Tao

陶遂(Dr. Sui Tao


Lecturer, Faculty of Geographical Science, Beijing Normal University


Dr. Sui Tao is a lecturer at the Faculty of Geographical Science, Beijing Normal University. Dr. Tao obtained a PhD degree in Urban Design and Regional Planning from the University of Queensland in Australia, 2015, and received his bachelor degree in Urban Planning and Design from Tianjin University in 2010. From 2016 to 2020, Dr. Tao worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Future Cities at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

研究方向与社会贡献(Research direction and social contribution

陶遂的研究方向包括城市交通、出行行为和移动性、交通公平性以及大数据应用等。陶遂曾参与多项由香港研究资助局、香港中文大学、世界大学联盟(WUN)等资助的研究项目。此外,他正在主持一项国家自然科学基金项目,题目为”综合时空间和社会维度视角探究公共交通公平性差异、效应和机制—以北京为例”,旨在深入探究公交公平性和日常移动性的互动关系。相关研究成果发表在 《Journal of the American Planning Association》、《Town Planning ReviewPopulation, Space and Place》、《Transportation Research Part A》、《Transportation Research Part C》、《Transportation Research Part F》、《Transportation》、《Journal of Transport Geography》、《Applied Geography》等国际学术期刊。其中关于大数据与城市公共交通的论文被加拿大城市公共交通协会(CUTA)2018年的城市公共交通客运量趋势报告(Canadian Transit Ridership Trends Study)中引用。此外,陶遂也将参与一系列基于城市交通规划实践的研究项目,旨在评价和提升区域发展和交通韧性。

Dr. Sui Tao’s research area includes urban transport, travel behaviour and mobility, transport equity and big data application, etc. Dr. Tao has participated in several research projects funded by institutes including Hong Kong Research Grant Council, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). In addition, he is now leading a research project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, namely “Integrating spatial-temporal dimensions with social perspective to investigate public transport equity disparity, effects and mechanism–A Beijing Study”. The project aims to unveil the relationship between public transport equity and daily mobility. His research works have been published in international journal outlets including Journal of the American Planning Association, Town Planning Review, Population, Space and Place, Transportation Research Part A, Part C and Part F, Transportation, Journal of Transport Geography, Applied Geography. His research articles on big data and urban public transit have been cited in the report on CUTA’s 2018 urban transit ridership trend. Furthermore, he will be involved in a series of research projects based on planning practice related to urban transport. The aim is to evaluate and enhance the regional development and transport resilience.

IACP的关系(Relationship with IACP

陶遂获得2021年度IACP Rising Scholar Award。作为IACP的长期会员,积极参与年会汇报以及分会场主持人。

Dr. Tao has been awarded the IACP Rising Scholar Award in 2021. As a long-term IACP member, he actively engaged in the IACP Annual Meetings both as presenter and session moderator.