IACP has started using a new membership system!

Dear members,

We are pleased to announce that IACP has started using a new membership system! With this system, you can update member information, add and renew your membership, and register for the annual conference.

The link to the new membership system is: http://www.china-planning.org/member/login.php.

  • If you have used our old membership application system, you will/or have received an email from iacp.webmaster@gmail.com with your login information.
  • The user name is the email address you used to apply for membership. You can reset your login password through this link: http://www.china-planning.org/member/forgot-password.php.
  • If you have never used our old membership system, then you can create an account in the new system directly.

If you have any questions (e.g., request your login information, delete your old record so you create a new one, etc.), please send an email to iacp.webmaster@gmail.com.